Winter Pet Dog Coat Jacket.

Winter Pet Dog Coat Jacket.

Winter Pet Dog Coat Jacket.

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  • Do you live in a very cold climate? Do you walk your dog in snow, sleet, freezing rain, or sub-zero temperatures? Check out these super warm dog jackets. All of these winter dog coats are durable, comfortable and waterproof!
  • Whether or not you live in a cold climate, your dog may benefit from wearing a dog winter coat. Dog winter coats can keep your dog warm when it’s cold outside and dry from the cold rain if it has a waterproof lining. Plus, many dog winter coats serve as a fun fashion statement, with bold patterns and fun colors.


Whether they are designed to accommodate harnesses and leashes or not, coats and vests can provide a number of benefits for your dog. Some of the most important include:

 Coats and vests help keep your canine warm.  

Even though they’re covered in a thick layer of fur, dogs can still get chilly when the temperatures drop. This is especially true of small or thinly built breeds, who have relatively high surface-to-volume ratios.

  Coats and vests can also help your dog keep his cool. 

Some vests are designed to help keep your dog cool while enjoying the great outdoors. You’ll just need to wet the vest before putting it on your dog. As the water evaporates, it creates a cooling effect, which will lower your dog’s body temperature.

  Coats and vests can help improve your dog’s visibility. 

Many coats and vests feature reflective stitching, reflectors, or fluorescent colors to make it easier for motorists to see your dog.

  Coats and vests can protect your dog’s coat from dirt and rain

Coats and vests won’t keep your dog’s head or paws clean, but they can help keep the bulk of his fur cleaner and drier, particularly when walking or playing in inclement weather.

  Coats and vests are adorable. 

They may not suit the tastes of every dog or owner, but it is pretty hard to argue that many pups look too cute for words when wearing a coat or vest.



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Well, what to say .... i went to the reviews that the suit, supposedly, on broad-chested dogs. Horseradish there)) frenchman, standard, 13.200, fried (i keep on diet, because. I do not need a disabled person), chest 60. Squeezed with a crack))) on zhirobasikov, in general, not an option to take)) in vain, in short, took. Guys, on the frenchman, take formydogs and do not pervert like me, with this china. There and busty wide and wide legs, not tight, as in this. In addition, for the french, it is not winter, but spring-autumn. By quality, i can not judge, because. Did not wear, but, at first glance, so quality. Again, comparing with formydogs or limargy. Here, the latter, chic quality, it is without questions and models designed, under our winter. Here, compare, in general. The width of the pants, you can see. When narrow, the dog is uncomfortable. Formydogs a3 size, limargy xxl. On the width of the fmd do not pay attention-they are all such, on soft elastic bands and the volume is stretched 2 times almost) on winter-double synthetic + fur lining. At me bulldog in-25 for 2 hours walks a calm step in such, and even in the snow can lie down)) plus a sweater, boots and a hat, of course)


The suit is excellent, but it turned out to be great, we will suture. There are no complaints about the quality, i think the dog will be warm. The seams are neat, there is no smell.


Kombezik is satisfied, inside is also synthetic lining. Went to shih tzu well. Bed 10 kg weight. They walked in the rain, though not for long, but sobaken remained clean and dry. I hope to be worn for a long time))))


Good, came quickly, dog weight 2.7 kg A little big in volume, but you can put something under the bottom, or sew, in general, i liked everything)


On chihuahua size l well approached. For such a price, the jacket is very good. Everything is sewn perfectly, the fabric is dense. Order came for 2 weeks