UV Rays Shoes Dryer & sanitizers

UV Rays Shoes Dryer & sanitizers

UV Rays Shoes Dryer & sanitizers

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Everyone knows that sweaty feet are uncomfortable and smelly, but what some people don’t realize is that the closed environment of a shoe also creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

This can lead to problems like athlete’s foot that may be difficult to get rid of. The solution is simple: clean your shoes. But simply tossing them in the washing machine may not do the job. You need a UV shoe sanitizer.

These powerful yet compact devices fit inside shoes and use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill bacteria or fungi that  cause odors or other foot conditions.

The PTC Shoes Dryer can dry one pair of shoes in 20 minutes. From rain soaked soccer cleats to sweaty ski or hunting boots filled with melting snow, the PTC Shoes Dryer dries a variety of footwear so you can start the day with dry, comfortable feet.

It utilizes gentle forced air and PTC heat generator to quickly remove moisture and help prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorates footwear overtime.



  • 360 Degree Heat Generator: The PTC heat generator release long lasting all rounded heat. With precise temperature control to prevent over heating. Helps complete sterilization & deodorization for shoes.
  • Foot Health Care: The shoes dryer eliminates bacteria and mold in your shoes through the heating sterilization. It prevent skin irritation of wet or sweaty shoes. 
  • Adjustable Size: The size of shoes dryer is adjustable and suitable for all size of shoes. It can be retracted for easy carrying. Bring it to school or your travel. 
  • High Capability: The shoe dryer is perfect for drying all variety of footwear including sneakers, boots, uggs, flats, heels. Warms up frozen shoes, prevent frostbite. 


      • Color: Black
      • Material: PC Plastic
      • Input Votage (V): 200V
      • Output Power (W): 20W
      • Use Temperature: 60-80 degree
      • Product Size: 170-200 mm (adjustable) x 50 mm
      • Power Cable Length: 1.2m



        • 1 x UV Ray Shoe Dryer


        Customer Reviews

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        Hank Spencer

        The box barely survived to the place of delivery, it's amazing that the goods remained without damage

        Orval Sauer

        The dryers are packed well, came quickly enough. Heated not very quickly, warm well. There is no signal led, the dryers themselves are illuminated when working.

        Eleanora Langworth

        The dryers are packed well, each item is closed with film and packed all in a box. The order came quickly enough, a little more than a month. It does not heat instantly, but it warms well. There is a signal led, there is no illumination in the dryer itself. Cord with asian plug, comes with an adapter.

        Alexander Ortiz

        Warm, shine. Good.

        Tre Lowe

        Everything works for now. Then let's see Heats while, let's see how it will work