Galaxy Crystal Necklace

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Treasure the First Galaxy necklace in your life !

💝It is a great gift in Japan, while you get the galaxy necklace, you will find out it is more beautiful than the picture at any angle.

💝Each necklace has a 2cm galaxy pendant and 75 cm exquisite leather cord, easy to wear(The tangle-free magnet string is very likely to fall.

💝If you put the cord away,it will be a elegant tabletop decoration.

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🔮Galaxy necklace has a fabulous three-dimensional interior design and takes on various aesthetic looks in different lighting conditions.

    🔮Unique Beauty every single one is unique! This is not only a necklace, but a beautiful work of art. 360-degree glittering beauty, terrific and perfect.

    🔮Flawless Design Planet: the smaller core ball is made of special glass. Stars and orbits: those particles and strings are specially designed and made of precious metals .

    🔮Warm Prompt :The shape of this pendant necklace is not a perfect circle, its bottom is designed to be flat and colored, which makes it also excellent to be a desk decoration.

    💝Making such a beautiful glaze needs rich skill and experience.since each glaze is handmade for 3 hrs at 2000 degrees with low succeed rate.

    Pavaruni Galaxy Pendant Necklace, Universe Glass, Space Design,Birthday Art Japan Handmade Craftsman

     Material: Glass, wax rope

    Diameter: 22mm, Rope length adjustable

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    I Ordered it and didn’t think that this can be true. When I got it, I was amazed at the detail in texture so I used this for a Christmas present and it is a truly beautiful pendant. Willing to buy again.


    Great for a present. I got this as a gift for my boyfriend and I was so blown away with how good it looks in person I decided to get one too. The glass bead has depth and is gorgeous. It looks different in different angles and lighting. . Love it!


    Came in exactly as it looks in the picture! I bought this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it! From the fine detail to the overall look of the piece it definitely delivered. They are not super big, but not super small either. I believe that it is just about the perfect size for either a casual or formal occasion. I liked it so much that I ordered myself one too.
    The bracelet's main bulb is a little smaller than the necklace but definitely a perfect size for a wrist. Bear in mind these are glass, so in my opinion bigger may not necessarily be better.

    Both products absolutely delivered in style, comfort, and beauty. 10/10 product and the price is just a bonus for such intricate detail.
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    Very beautyful and good quality.Purchased this for my 15 year old daughter and she loves it. Wears it all of the time.


    It's heavy enough to hang beautifully around the neck, but not so heavy that it is uncomfortable to wear. The glass is clear enough that you can see all of the beautiful detail inside.