Opal Stone Galaxy pendant necklace

Opal Stone Galaxy pendant necklace

Opal Stone Galaxy pendant necklace

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💖Human's wildest dream now comes closer than ever with this remarkable necklace.

💖Human's wildest dream now comes closer than ever with this remarkable necklace.
💝Recreating the entire universe in a delicate crystal ball, it is itself a play of light and color, reality and magic.

💝Beautifully handcrafted down to the smallest detail, your necklace is a unique version of the galaxy that's nowhere else to be found.

💝Yes, I would like to carry around a solar system. That’s why the Space Glass made up of Opal Stone is so amazing.


💝These glass bubbles have a round opal in the center that looks like a planet surrounded by specks of gold, representing space dust, asteroids, and rogue TV satellites.

💝The glass beads also come with a tiny handle, perfect for carrying a planet as a necklace piece.


💝It is a great gift in Japan, while you get the galaxy necklace, you will find out it is more beautiful than the picture at any angle.

💝Making such a beautiful glaze needs rich skill and experience.

💝Because the planet ball inside the glass is opal stone, so it's a little expensive.

💝Fancy Package / Luxurious designed package, comparable to most jewelry boxes, with internal display light. A selected tangle-free necklace rope is also included.

💝Due to it's handmade and the technology is very complicated, so each piece looks absolutely unique and have slight difference.

💝Making such a beautiful glaze needs rich skill and experience. each glaze is handmade for 3 hrs at 2000 degrees with low succeed rate.

Pavaruni Galaxy Pendant Necklace, Universe Glass, Space Design,Birthday Art Japan Handmade Craftsman

Customer Reviews

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Delivery is exactly on time. Exactly as in the description. Pendant, ribbon, chain (bonus), case. Quality at altitude. The wife of the gift is delighted. Very beautiful pendant maori. Thank you seller!


This item showed up as a suggestion, and I’m so glad I went and checked it out!! This is wonderful and unique. The craftsmanship is high quality-no rough edges, vibrant colors, perfectly shaped and hangs like it’s supposed to. It’s a real eye catcher as well. Everyone I saw the day I wore it was drawn to it. I am wearing on the cord it came with and it looks great, in my opinion. Would definitely buy as a gift for those who love the stars as much as I. It arrived in a gorgeous velvet box.


Even though it's not as blue as the picture implied it was, I still like it and have ordered a few other colors and hope they are more true to picture. The bracelet cord seems very very sturdy, hopefully it'll hold up to daily wear. It's not scratchy at all to me, and I tucked the excess chord into itself so it's not sticking out.
Overall I like it, and it's a very unique piece of my collection.


One of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. Amazing presentation. This is an amazing beautiful gift for anyone. I hope to get many of them for friends and family. My son wants to hang one in his car and one in his bedroom window. Very very cool. Really gorgeous.


Beautiful. I just change the rope by a silver necklace Delivered in a beautiful box and in accordance with the description. I just changed the rope by a silver necklace. I love and recommend