Mini deep Muscle Massager gun.

Mini deep Muscle Massager gun.

Mini deep Muscle Massager gun.

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Are you suffering from pain or joint soreness ? 

  • This personal pocket percussion massager gun helps you overcome myalgia, Pain management,back pain,strain injury, combat stiffness and spasms.
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  • The body deep muscle massage gun is used by Professional, Collegiate, Highschool,in the gym, or the Physical Therapist Office,and even youth teams. 
  •  Chiropractic muscle massager gun is pocket friendly Small size (only 14.2mm, 500g),Animated GIF


    • The 3 speed dial and 4 attachments hyper impact muscle makes the massage gun usable for anyone with sore muscles! We can help the pro in you excel !

         Samsung Battery and Type C interface to quick charge: 
        It adopts 2500mAh lithium battery and supports type-C fast charging. 10 minutes per day you can use it consistently for 90 days, no longer worry about the power.
        Four speed levels adjustable:
        1st level: 1300 rollers to wake-up muscle
        2nd level: 1800 rollers to relax muscles 
        3rd  level: 2500 rollers to lactate decomposition
        4th  level: 3300 rollers to deep massage
        Rk-c23 Oem Private Label Electronic Therapy Full Body Fascia Massage Gun With Nice Portable Packaging

        The newest noise reduction ultra-quiet technology:

        All metal body minimalism design made of aerometal. The weight is only 500g and easy to handheld or carry on.
        Rk-c23 Oem Private Label Electronic Therapy Full Body Fascia Massage Gun With Nice Portable Packaging

        This hyperimpact massager gun is ready for you.

        • Overall relaxation
        •  Regain body after training
        • Help the practitioner to comb the fascia, promote blood lymphatic reflux, and restore the normal shape of the muscles

        ♥ More smooth and quiet:

        •  Best muscle massagers gun with high-precision mould, it makes the machine head and the body tightly connected.
        • the noise in the process of running can be effectively reduced by smooth sliding, Intelitopia 5.2 is more quieter compared with 60 decibels from other suppliers

          ♥ Daily health care

          • Back pain in the daily life, muscle stiffness,
          • Choose to start massage from Low grade or Medium grade mode

            ♥ 6 hours working time: 

            • 15000mHA rechargeable lithium-ion battery supports about 4 - 6 hours of use per charge

             Massage head installation tips

            Package Included:

            1 * Muscle Massager

            4 * Replaceable Massage Head

            1 * Charger

            1 * Instruction Manual

            1 * Storage Box

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 68 reviews
              Neha Stark

              I own the full size massage gun and am so impressed that I got a smaller one.. I love how portable it is since I can literally use it anywhere on the go. I've used it post yoga and pilates on my upper arms and wrists. I've used it on my legs when I'm watching TV. I also love that the battery is long lasting.

              Cordell Rolfson

              Fantastic product! It can be recharged by type-c cable, this is very useful. I bought another one for my parents. Solid construction, as it's pretty heavy for it's size, which is about the size of a cell phone. Comes with a handy carrying case, and 3 other attachments. 4 speeds,it also charges with a USB-C cord so that eliminates having to bring a charger with you. Awesome deal! I highly suggest this little guy if you travel alot and like to carry a percussion massage tool with you.

              Isidro Upton

              This massage gun will be perfect for my college athlete to use. It's compact design and handy carrying case is amazing. The gun packs a punch for being as compact as it is.

              Gloria Ortiz

              I have been searching for an affordable massage gun for a while and am so glad I came across this one! It’s a great price and perfect size for my hands! I workout regularly and have been looking for a massage gun to soothe my sore muscles especially my calves and shoulders. This one works miracles! After just one 15 minute session, I can feel the relief! I absolutely love it! My husband loves it for his sciatica. He shared the secret is to use it at the bottom of your butt cheek on the side of the sciatic pain and it brings so much relief. We would highly recommend this massage gun for the deep tissue usage and I love the different types of heads that comes with this set so you can focus on a specific area of the body. You won’t regret this affordable purchase!

              Deanna Watsica

              Wow! It’s a mini but don’t let that fool you! It’s hand held size perfect for on the go! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a small version of any gun but I’d think that it would mean less power, lol but it doesn’t disappoint! It’s amazing! It has various heads for the different types of massages and it has amazing power. It feels good to handle, it works amazing it didn’t loose any power by being made a mini. The packing bag is very cute! If you have somewhere to go but can’t lose a massage session with Lifepro quality and power then you definitely gotta get this! Recommended!