APP & Bluetooth Control Led Party Glasses

APP & Bluetooth Control Led Party Glasses

APP & Bluetooth Control Led Party Glasses

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Get the party started with the Flashing LED Light Up Party Glasses

worn as music festival accessories, rave accessories, festival sunglasses, dj accessories.

Great for video props, advertising, name tags, proposals, and so much more! The eyeglasses display the message, animation, or drawing that YOU want !


    ‚ě§With USB rechargeable cable:¬†LED glasses working time about¬†5 Hours¬†under fully charged . High-cost performance & environment-friendly.

    ‚짬†Flashing decoration:¬†easy to see through without obstructing your vision, also as a cool while¬†wearing them during the holiday

    ‚짬†Bluetooth enabled¬†to¬†connect to the App¬†(iOS &Android ) to and instantly¬†customize your messages!

      APP download:

      • This product needs to be used together with the APP:
      • The first step, long press to open the glasses, open the phone Bluetooth;
      • The second step is to open the APP page and click on the connected device.
      • In the third step, after the device shows that the connection is
      • successful, it can be used together.
        14678 (26)
        • Input voltage current: 5V 1A
        • Charging type: USB interface charging
        • Supports 7 languages
        • The rated capacity of this product is 180mAH
        • APP controls¬†the glasses pattern, you can¬†change¬†the text and pattern in¬†DIY.
        • Scans the QR code, or searches the app Glow Glasses to¬†download the app.
        • Connect¬†your glasses to your smartphone via¬†Bluetooth.
        • ¬†Adopt energy-saving, high-power, long-life¬†LED¬†lamp beads

            Package List:

            • 1*DIY Blue Tooth LED Glasses
            • 1*USB¬† line & 1*User Manual


            Customer Reviews

            Based on 99 reviews
            Amos Lindgren

            Awesome product. It works as advertised and i can't think of anything bad to say about it. It'll definitely make u stand out in a crowd and it's a great conversation starter if your terrible at breaking the ice at a party/event. I will say i bought 2 of these. My last pair broke but that was on me, but i like the fact that as of now, there pretty affordable.

            Bradley Schinner

            These were a hit at a carnival glow event I attended. I have only used them once so I pray they are durable and allow for multiple use.

            Emmet Huel

            These are some solid LED glasses. They have 8 preset modes, and are fairly bright. The color is very vibrant and I see no issues with them. They also have a mode that displays 2 digits counting up which is very nice.

            Kaya Kshlerin

            I got these for my SON and her friends as part of the goody bag for her 10 year old birthday party. To say they were a hit would be an understatement. The kids were all running around with them, checking out the different designs the glasses do, marveling at how well they could see out, and generally having fun for nearly an hour straight with them. I was very impressed.

            Dayton McCullough

            Points are interesting, however, unfortunately, you can not create animation for them. Animations are in the list of applications, as well as the ability to draw yourself and write your text, you can also choose from 4 kinds of spectroanalyzers for music or microphone.