Korean Plant Facial Mask

Korean Plant Facial Mask

Korean Plant Facial Mask

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In this fight with the pollution we need to constantly keep our skin fresh and healthy in order to gain the beautiful gorgeous skin back.

We  have developed the plant mosturing facial mask keeping in mind the constant exposure to dust and pollution and also the scarce time we are left with after all the daily hard work. it revitalizes the skin by sucking up all the impurities  and gives n immensely clear and clean skin in no time.

Here are some benefits mention below:

Aloe vera  Face pack Benefits:

  • Aloe rejuvenates the skin, hydrates it, and keeps your skin looking fresh all the time. It is an excellent moisturizer for skin 
  • It has antimicrobial properties, making it ideal to treat acne and pimples .
  • It is a great naturally occurring antioxidant that reverses the oxidative damage experienced by the skin. This will reduce dullness and give your skin a natural glow.
  • It is known to retain your skin’s firmness – making it a good anti-aging cream.
  • Aloe vera is known to reduce pain and inflammation – both internally and externally. It is medicinally also used to treat sun burns, insect bites, eczema, cuts and wounds.
  • It removes dead skin cells and facilitates the rebuilding of fresh and new cells .
  • It is a de-pigmentation agent, which means that it can effectively lighten dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, and other skin blemishes.

Pomegranate Face pack Benefits:

  •  Keep Your Skin Hydrated
  •  Protect Your Skin From Environmental And Sun Damage
  • Have Anti-Aging Benefits

Blueberry Face pack Benefits:

  • They are rich in fiber as well as vitamins – A and C.
  • Berries are known to be high in antioxidants and are nutritious. Blueberries are miracle fruits for acne, blemishes, pimples and uneven skin tone problems also.
  • Blueberries normalize the oil level of your skin to a high extent. This plays a major role in maintaining healthier skin.
  • Blueberries have high vitamin C content which help in strengthening blood vessels, thus repairing broken capillaries and “spider veins” below skin surface.
  • Blueberries prevent aging because they have high anti-oxidants content giving your skin a fresh,young and glowing look.
    Honey Face pack Benefits
    • Moisturises the skin deeply
    • Acts as a Pore Cleanser
    • Gentle Exfoliator 
    • Lightens Scars
    • Useful in Sunburn 
    • Fights Acne & Pimples 
    • Reverses age
    • Adds a natural glow
    • Hydrates the skin
    • Helps Reduces Wrinkles 
    • Brightens Skin Complexion

      Olive Face pack Benefits:

      •  Antioxidant Protection
      • Doesn’t Clog Pores
      • Enhances Exfoliation
      •  General Beauty Booster

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      Cesar Von

      Masochka super, well moisturizes

      Crystal Shanahan

      When opened the parcel cut off the packaging, ram, quality done, fast delivery

      Grant Smitham

      Masks are good. A lot of composition in a bag. Comfortable shape. No rash after use. Well moisturizes

      Noemy Stokes

      More thanks, delivery three weeks, packed well! Mask really liked, ordered more, for such money just gorgeous, thanks to the seller!!!

      Chet Barrows

      Nothing broke and did not leak, it came for a month) tried a mask with honey, perfectly fills the skin with moisture) no worse than analogs for a large cost, take without hesitation.