Pet fur remover.

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🐕Your pet leaves fur whereever he goes & it's impossible to clean when it gets on your clothes.
🐕you try tape rollers to clean your seat but to get it all off you need sheet after sheet.

🐕But now Not any more...

Magic Clean Brush Reusable Self-Cleaning Pet Hair Brush Set Double Lint Remover Fur Scrub Clothes Bag Dust Brusher

🐶Introducing Our magic Reusable Pet Fur Remover Brush Set will make the arduous task of cleaning fur and lint, a total breeze.

🐶Using magic and wizardry the extra large double sided wand will pick up fur many times faster than a traditional lint brush would.

Pcs Pet Hair Remover Static Brush Magic Fur Cleaning Brushes Reusable Device Dust Brush Electrostatic Dust Cleaners

😻EASY-TO-USE FUR AND LINT REMOVER - Removing unwanted pet fur, hair or lint from your clothes, furniture, upholstery and carpets has never been more efficient.

😻TRAVEL-SIZE INCLUDED - The bonus travel-size is perfect to keep in your bag or car. Just pop up the top to uncover the lint brush and use the base as a handle. Dispose the fur through the small, removable collection tray at bottom of the base.

😻No refills required any more- No battery, no waste, no power plug .

 New pet hair remover The Popular New Pet Hair Brush Hair Removal Comb Sofa Bed Portable Home Cleaning Brush lint remover

😻EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF PREMIUM LINT REMOVER - Protect your clothes and fur-free and lint-free with our hair lint remover. It’s perfectly safe to removing all pet hair for all different types

    Fur & Lint Removal Brush with Self-Cleaning Base - Dog & Cat Hair Remover for Furniture, Couch, Carpet, Bed, Car Seat, Clothing - Animal Fur & Dust Removal

    😻REUSABLE & DOUBLE-SIDED - Reusable, gentle & economic design the effective double-sided Brush gently removes pet fur and lint without harming your clothes and furniture.

    😻Self-Clean &environmentally friendly.- After clearing the fur from the sofa, carpet, bed and clothes, just pull out the tray and discard the contents.

    Pet Hair Remover Brush Double Sided with Self-Cleaning Base for Removing Pet Hair from Couch, Carpet, Best Pet Hair Remover Brush for Pet


      Weight: 388g

      Color: Blue

      Material: ABS plastic


      1 x Pet fur remover 

      1 x Self-cleaning base

      1 x Travel lint brush and base

      Dog Comb Tool Pet Hair Remover Brush Dog Cat Fur Brush Base Double-Side Home Furniture Sofa Clothes Cleaning Lint Brush

        Pet Hair Remover Brush Reusable Double-Side Dog Hair Lint Remover Brush Portable Magic Fur & Dust Cleaning Furniture Pet Brush

          Customer Reviews

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          Must have for pet owners. I have two cats and a large husky, all of which shed all over the place. Cleaning their fur off my bed has always been a problem as the paper lint rollers are annoying and extremely time consuming. I use this daily and it works great! Very easy to clean out, and to use ! Money well spent. This works very well and makes my life MUCH easier!


          If you have cats, dogs, or any furry animals, it’s what you’ve been looking for! My long hair dog sheds more than any animal on Earth and his hair gets everywhere! This brush picks up the hair and then cleans itself so easily by just putting it into the holder. It is the best thing I’ve used so simple to use. You will just love it and I would highly recommend it.


          I have three cats, and two of them are long hair. My floofy Turkish Van sheds like crazy! I’ve used the rollers (just don’t work), and the pumice stone made for fur removal (can’t use this on nice fabric).
          I saw the Pet Hair Remover on facebook and figured that I’ve tried just about everything else. I was blown away at its ease of use and thoroughness of fur pick up. One swipe picks it all up. I am not exaggerating!
          To clean the wand, you just insert into the holder and take it back out. One or two times and it’s clean. The bottom of the holder has a removable base. You just remove that to pull out the accumulated fur.
          An added bonus of its use - I’m a quilter and my cutting table collects a lot of thread pieces. The Pet Hair Remover Brush keeps my table clean, too.


          don't normally leave reviews except when I have bad experiences, but I'll make an exception for this product. Before making this purchase I was constantly buying the sticky rollers to managed all the lint that my two feline friends are constantly leaving behind on all of my cloths and furniture. I'm normally reluctant to buying products like this because normally they make bold claims of how well they actually end up working. However, this lint removal brush caught me by surprise of how well it actually removes the lint off of my couch and other fabrics. Just don't use it directly on your animals......trust me..


          This product was a great surprise for me. I wasn't expecting anything special and was just trying to find something to help control cat hair around my house.
          First time I used it, WOW!! It's super easy to use and to clean and doesn't throw the hair back into the air. The pic I have attached is just a couple swipes on one of our cat trees. It really does work and is a great price for what you are getting.