Zipfresh slider - Organize Your Refrigerator

Zipfresh slider - Organize Your Refrigerator

Zipfresh slider - Organize Your Refrigerator

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Zipfresh slider is like getting a bigger refrigerator

  • Clutter-free organization for your refrigerator
  • Use space that normally goes to waste or that is normally cluttered
  • Stop digging through your unorganized refrigerator for leftovers and snacks

    Installs in 2 minutes

    • No tools needed
    • Attach to the bottom of your refrigerator shelf
    • Easy to unmount if needed
    • Requires a flat underside of your refrigerator shelving with space of 7" wide by 9.5" deep with a full depth of 16.75" in your refrigerator.

      Have snacks and lunches waiting for the kids

      • Clear view and easy access
      • Slide out extension track

      Lots of extra storage

      • 20 slots for holding assorted quart and gallon storage bags
      • Holds up to 20 pounds

      Works great for cabinets, pantries, and garages

      • Store food 
      • Store craft items for kids
      • Store nuts, bolts, screws

      Package include: 1 * holder + 10 * bags

      Q:how does it attach?
      A:the Zipfresh slider pull out attaches with industrial strength adhesive to the underside of glass shelving. If you ever need to remove it you can just use a hairdryer to warm the glass and the adhesive easily comes off.

      Q Does this package come with the industrial strength adhesive it needs to install it in the fridge?
      A:yes it does. and you will love this product and just going to want for everywhere in your house. cabinets, closets, garage and don't forget the freezer units. everything so nice and neat and easy to find. time space and money saved.

      Q:Will this work with Foodsaver zip bags?
      A:Food saver bags are not zip lock bags. There is still no answer to this question. I do not think it will work with food saver bags because there is no zip to hold upThe bagIn the slot. As much as I would like to purchase this item I am In food saver plastic bag user and they do not have a zip.

      Q:Will the medium work in a counter-depth fridge?
      A:Yes, the Mid-Size is just under 12 in and will fit nicely in a counter-depth fridge.
      You'll love how it organizes your seal-top bags and gives you easy access to your leftovers.

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