Fingerpow Magnetic Portable Power Bank

Fingerpow Magnetic Portable Power Bank

Fingerpow Magnetic Portable Power Bank

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We are introducing the all-new Finger-Charger: It’s tiny, wireless, keeps your phone charged on-the-go, and lets you continue using your device as usual! It's the one we've been waiting for

Power. We never have enough. Our devices always need more and more. They crave that sweet juice. And we crave our gadgets so that we don't have to be without them for more than a few seconds, so dead smartphone battery can mean disaster.

Bulky power bank

In most cases, smartphone battery life decreases after just a year of use. The average user charges their phone 3-4 times a day. And we are always looking for new and better ways to power them: Finger-Charger to the rescue.

Tiny finger-cherger fingerpow

The Finger-Charger is a portable charging solution designed for a life on the move. Unlike oldish wall sockets and bulky power banks, the Finger-Charger makes charging more accessible and convenient! It’s designed to charge your phone without being bogged down by endless cords and power banks. When you need to charge your device, simply grab one of the Fingers off the base and snap it on!

Don’t worry about battery life during conference calls, when chatting, using GPS, or even playing your favorite games. Use it to charge your phone and provide additional battery whenever you need it most.

Use your Finger-Charger to keep charged all the time—easily. No more searching for wall outlets or carrying bulky power banks around with you.

Finger-Chargers are completely waterproof

The Finger-Chargers are completely waterproof!

The charging station can charge four Finger-Chargers simultaneously, and you can use it to charge your phone, too! Moreover, the charging station is itself a power bank!

Tiny Finger-charger fingerpow

Each Finger-Charger is the size of a USB drive. It’s so small you can put it right back in your pocket, or use it while it’s charging.

Each Finger-Charger provides your phone with enough power for 1 hour of gaming, 2 hours of video watching, 2 hours of internet browsing, and even 4 hours of talk time.

charging station of finger-charger

All Finger-Chargers are designed with a double magnetic connector to streamline the entire charging experience, which is the perfect solution to frayed charging cables, tripping hazards, and time wasted plugging-in.


Customer Reviews

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Alycia Dickens

verygood thanks

Jacky West

Like, will test and see if charges an iPhone whole load. But it is beautiful, practical and super light, the design is fabulous! Am eager to use.

Isai Stokes

To prove it but it looks good.

Rico Sauer

Good boxing, but small boxes do not charge the phone well, slowly. Overall convenient. Corresponds to the description.

Dean Altenwerth

Works! Came to st. petersburg quickly. Came loaded! But! The capacity of the jars is small! Enough to charge iphone iphone percent by 30. Take out the socket iphone, and the tip remains and while you get it?! In general, the toy was bought in vain! Although it looks presentable, as a gift!