Zodiac punk Luminous Bracelet

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Are you a believer in the 12 constellations? Maybe you're part of the fun zodiac? Maybe you more of a serious zodiac?

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Right now you can give your friends and family their zodiac signs. Let them show off their personalities, they at least deserve that much!

A zodiac bracelets is believed to bring good luck and fulfill the dreams of its wearer.

it can help to combat diificult times and are considered to be one of the effective astrological remedies. 

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From Aries to Pisces, today can be that day you show others which zodiac you belong in.

 Features and Benefits.

  • Personalized for each individual's zodiac sign
  • The Strap is made with Genuine Leather
  • The Strap has a braided rope incorporated into the design for added Durability and Fashion!
  • Unisex. What a shocker! You mean even men can wear these bracelets?
  • The Buckle is made with Bronze Alloy which is the same alloy used to make Spartan Sword and Shields. As a result, the buckle is  Anti-Corrosive.




Customer Reviews

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Lauretta Jenkins

This is a beautiful bracelet. I gave it as a gift and she loved it until trying to put it on or take it off. The clasp is really tough to open. She had to use a bottle opener to pull it open. Too tough for a fingernail.

Kyra Durgan

For the price it’s a great buy! I love them. Bought my Daughter one so we can match. Made well. Seems to be water resistant! Thank you for such a nice product yet so inexpensive making costume jewelry fun ❣️

Clyde Crist

They are just wonderful !!! You can make any length, and I like the hanging tails of the ropes, it is very charming. Just be neat when putting on and taking off your bracelet, and then you can use it for a long time.
And the price is great!!!

Vincent Reynolds

Like the look of both bracelets and they glow in the dark-which surprised me. Also surprised that the “gem” part of one of the bracelets fell of the day I wore it. Used some Super Glue to glue it back on the base, so can wear it again, but a $4 bracelet should NOT fall apart. At least the base is flat so re-glueing was easy.

Jaida Baumbach

Great fit, I am concerned on the longevity of this product or would provide 5 stars, though the design is the best part! A great way to remember to check your horoscope app throughout the week