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3D Halloween Skull ice (Sphere Ball) Mold

3D Halloween Skull ice (Sphere Ball) Mold

3D Halloween Skull ice (Sphere Ball) Mold

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 Your Search For The Perfect Is Finally Over.
This 3D Skull Ice Cube Mold will add an explosion to you and your guests drinks.  SKULL ice cubes  will melt slower which will keep your drink cool without diluting its flavor.
You now have the power to quickly cool and enjoy uniquely refreshing ice-cold drinks in style...without watering them down.
A stylishly elegant way to enjoy all your favorite cocktails and libations.The ultimate conversation starter at parties.
Our sleek slow melting SKULL spheres are perfect for water, juice, iced teas & coffees, lemonade, soda or any other drink you like chilled but NOT watered down. Keeps your drink cooler much longer than regular.

Our silicone ice ball is unique.
Our deluxe sealed-cavity set of two assures water freezes without attracting any unwanted odors. The top and bottom halves of our cleverly designed trays snap into place, are stackable, and won't tip or leak in your freezer.
The unique ice sphere maker can make wonderful whiskey ice balls ,so it can take a stylishly elegant way to enjoy all your whiskey. 
Superior quality food grade silicone. Easy fill-and-release flexible design makes removing your ice a breeze. 
Suitable for any Parties, Bars, Restaurants, Summer, Holiday events and Holiday Gifts. Perfect for adding Long-lasting Ice Cubes to any Whiskey, Cocktail, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Fruit Juice, Punch, Soda Pop and Water.
3D Skull Ice Tray can be used to make not only ice cubes but chocolate, candy, cake and more... adding DIY Fun to your special parties!
【Dishwasher Safe】Simply put the silicone in the dishwasher or wash it with soap water for cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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From 27.03.2019 to 19.04.2019 to moscow. Everything corresponds to the description. For me, the minus is that it smells like rubber


Good product, easy to use, it is good quality rubber and the ice is very well made!


3D Halloween Skull ice (Sphere Ball) Mold


The shapes are chic! I poured chocolate. The result is excellent.


Very beautiful but has weird strong smell