Chiropractic Muscle Massager gun.

Chiropractic Muscle Massager gun.

Chiropractic Muscle Massager gun.

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People are loving this hypervolt percussion therapy massager gun !

Are you suffering from pain or joint soreness ? 

  • This personal booster theragun  helps you overcome muscle soreness, relieve body fatigue, combat stiffness and spasms. 

  •  Just enjoy the theragun liv percussive therapy massager and relaxing yourself at home, office or during a long trip!

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  • The timtam power massager gun is used by Professional, Collegiate, Highschool, and even youth teams. POWERFUL AND QUIET.
  • Look closely you will see this massage gun on the sideline, in the gym, or the Physical Therapist Office. Because it is portable, QUIET, easy to use and proven, ie is the #1 Brand.
  • The 3 speed dial and 4 attachments makes the massage gun usable for anyone with sore muscles! We can help the pro in you excel !

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Why choose our massage gun?




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 Endurance for more than 1 week.

3 Speed Setting, Intelligent Safety-Protection

Level 1 to Level 3, (pulse frequency 1200 rpm/min- 3200 rpm/min).It'll shut off after about 30 mins to avoid over-use or potential hazard. To restart, just turn it on again.

Level 1ㄧ20HzㄧMuscle awakeningLevel 2ㄧ30HzㄧFascia relaxation

Level 3ㄧ40HzㄧDecompose lactic acid

Super Silent

With super silent techonology, you can barely hear any noise while using it (20- 39 Db).

 This personal handheld massager gun is ready for you.

  • Overall relaxation
  •  Regain body after training
  • Help the practitioner to comb the fascia, promote blood lymphatic reflux, and restore the normal shape of the muscles

♥ More smooth and quiet:

  •  Intelitopia massagers with high-precision mould, it makes the machine head and the body tightly connected.
  • the noise in the process of running can be effectively reduced by smooth sliding, Intelitopia 5.2 is more quieter compared with 60 decibels from other suppliers

♥ Daily health care

  • Back pain in the daily life, muscle stiffness,
  • Choose to start massage from Low grade or Medium grade mode

♥ 6 hours working time: 

  • 15000mHA rechargeable lithium-ion battery supports about 4 - 6 hours of use per charge

 Massage head installation tips

Package Included:


1 * Muscle Massager

4 * Replaceable Massage Head

1 * Charger

1 * Instruction Manual

1 * Storage Box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 279 reviews
Demarco Zulauf

This massage gun is positively amazing.
I broke my arm severely last yer in a pretty nasty accident. I also messed up a good chunk of my body.
This left me with loads of pain in my shoulders, my back, my chest, my arms and hands, and my legs and knees, calves and feet... Yes, pretty much everywhere.
What bothered me the most was not being able to help my wife with her pain, as I was her massage life line.
this tool, and I can not emphasize that word enough, TOOL, gives that back.
With a variety of heads, I can provide the relief she needs, and the 30 setting range for intensity, lets me go from the parts of her shoulder that she needs beat up, to her knees where she needs a more mild treatment.

For myself, I can use this between my therapy days, and can actually take fewer therapy appointments. My wife can easily help me with those spots on my back and shoulder that I can not reach myself. At $200 per session, it's already paid for itself. in a day.
It's also IDENTICAL to the machine my therapist uses, and paid 4 times as much for. You read that right. The only difference we could detect was the label.

Laurel Cassin

It came very quickly. not heavy. everything works great. thank you

Paris Murphy

It has a lot of quality I had seen on other similar pages and a lot more expensive and I'm sure they'll do everything make this one! Medium weight battery holds enough since charging I 've been 1 week and it's in 90% and I have used almost every day. Very attentive seller since I had problems of arrival time (because of covid) and another anomaly and 100% of Confiança

Sabrina Nicolas

Excellent massage gun for the price. I literally own both the Hypervolt and this one and the hypervolt wins in many categories.

This gun has digital screen and battery life indicator which the hv does not. Also, includes a soft case! The price is $150 less!
The hypervolt intensify on max is a bit stronger but not really needed. The max setting for the massage gun, 30, is almost as powerful and gets the job done. Highly recommend!

Minerva Marvin

A good available clone of hyprolth. For a greater distance of self-massage of the back and safety, I recommend making a loop for the brush as in the picture. Good rubber bands/clamp on the handle + loop on the rubber bands.