3D LED Laser Engraved Solar System Sphere

3D LED  Laser Engraved Solar System Sphere

3D LED Laser Engraved Solar System Sphere

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🔮For thousands of years, we have gazed upon the cosmic ocean from our small world. We've always wondered what it would be like to see it from the outside.

🔮Crafted with the utmost skill to model the real celestials, hold this mesmerizing crystal ball in your hand and gaze upon the beauty of our solar system

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🔮Revel at the infinite possibilities it offers. Have an open mind, free from limitations and let your dreams flow on.

 🔮It gives you a 360° view of the beautiful Solar System that we live in with extreme detail. It creates a highly realistic view of the planets, including Earth, all labeled with a beautiful white engraving.

🔮When a light is placed below it, the Planets laser engravings detail will illuminate, making it the perfect desk ornament or night light.

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Material: Plastic

Color of base: Silver
Color of light: The color of light will change automatically
1. The size which you need to choose when you place the order belongs to the ball, not the base. The base of 6 cm ball and 8 cm ball are the same.

2. The product include the micro USB cable, but not include the charging plug.

3. Do not use chargers which are more than 1V output.

4. It wIll fully charged for about 50 minutes.


Customer Reviews

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Chet Deckow

I was very pleased with this little solar system crystal ball. The quality of the ball is very good. It has some weight to it and I would not recommend it for children under 5. My 7 year old loves space and this was the perfect gift for her. The solar system is so clear and easy to read and it looks really cool even when it’s not lit up. It has different color changing features as well. The base is plastic and the cord is a little short but has an outlet plug with USB adapter. Overall, I am really happy with this purchase. Great value and best gift for a child or adult. Would be perfect for a desk or as a nightlight.

Immanuel Nitzsche

This would make a really lovely gift, although I bought it for myself. I love the size of it, it's pretty small about the size of an apple. It will sit perfectly on a mantle or desk. There are different settings for the lights, so you can keep it solid on the color of your choice or have them rotate.

Opal Sawayn

I was a little hesitant about how this piece would look in person. It's very nice, a reasonable size and a bargain at the price, I think. It's a great addition to my desk decor. Looks good on the included round stand, and comes in a decent gift box too.

Elliot Morar

It's perfect! So beautiful! ❤ Btw very fast shipping - two weeks to Bulgaria.

Holly Weimann

I orders this product for my friend's son who is very interested in Solar system and he really loves it. The crystal orb was smooth and clear without any marks and the stand it came with was solid and a perfect fit. The sun and the planets inside the crystal ball were well crafted and the total piece looked beautiful. This is a great idea for a gift.