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3D Laser Engraved PLANETS Crystal Ball

3D Laser Engraved PLANETS Crystal Ball

3D Laser Engraved PLANETS Crystal Ball

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🌠Experience the Solar System like never before!

🔮Hold this in the palm of your hand while it gives you complete 360 Degree view of our universe. This Laser Engraved 3D Solar System Ball creates a high realistic view of all of our planets like it would be in real life.

🔮All are labeled with a beautiful white engraving, when light is laced below it, the Planets laser engravings will illuminate making it perfect for a night light.

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🔮Crafted with the utmost skill to model the real celestials, hold this mesmerizing crystal ball in your hand and gaze upon the beauty of our solar system.

🔮Revel at the infinite possibilities it offers. Have an open mind, free from limitations and let your dreams flow on.

🔮Bring the solar system crystal ball into your home, office or wherever you want to display it. The clear planets crystal ball with the galaxy solar system, carved with the advanced 3D cutting technology.

🔮This product is made of the highest quality crystalline material K9.The appearance is clear and transparent with 8 planets of the solar system inside Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury

🔮Ideal gift for Birthday or Holiday Gift for Children astronomy fans or physics teachers, classmate and people who are interested in the Cosmos.

🌠🌠Perfect gift for astronomers or anyone interested in space.

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Product Material : K9 Crystal

Product Weight :6CM ball is about 300g ,8cm ball is about 800g



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Box damaged during transport, but everything ok. Very short time of delivery to Slovakia, perfect.


his is a nice heavy piece of glass. The Galaxy inside is very pretty, albeit rather plain and lacking a needed pop of something. It reminds of of black and white grainy photos of galaxies taken in the 70's. It will need to be near a light source to be seen. It's not a standout piece of art, but it neutrally blends in on a shelf. I do like it though


It's perfect! So beautiful! ❤ Btw very fast shipping - two weeks to Bulgaria.


o. Freaking. Beautiful. Shipped VERY fast!! Great value for money, display stand is lovely


I love it! Tbh i was a little iffy because i thought the 80mm or 3" sphere would be smaller but to my suprise it was alot bigger and heavier than i imagined so becareful and not drop it. When it arrived it came in a beautiful blue (what i assmue is paper machette) box and inside the box a blue square sheet of fabric kept over the styrofoam which kept the sphere and the stand nestled and in place. It may not be for everyone the galaxy is a bit small but its perfectly fine to me, id think if it were any bigger itd look warped or over magnified, but i personally like it as is and can say im actually happy with my purchase and no regrets.