NANO Liquid Glass Screen Protector

NANO Liquid Glass Screen Protector

NANO Liquid Glass Screen Protector

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Super Tempered Liquid Nano Screen Protector

Super Tempered Liquid Nano Screen Protector is made from high-quality materials, our protector uses an invisible nano-coating for 600% more hardness than most other screen protectors!

Our screen guards are known for their durability and brilliant clarity. Our liquid glass screen protector adds increased protection and fortification.

These screen protectors have a 9H rating for surface hardness. They also provide anti-glare brilliance in HD clarity. 

If you want to protect more than just your phone with our high-quality technology, look no further! It can be used on watches, game consoles, and more! What are you waiting for? Protect your phones today!


  • ♥ DESIGNED FOR ALL PHONES: Make sure your phones and other devices are protected!
  • Our screen covers fit iPhones X, 8, 7, 6s plus, 5s, Samsung Galaxy s9/s8/s7/s6/s5, Edge, Note8, and all other models. They can also be used on other gadgets and accessories like an iPod Touch, iWatch, Fitbit Versa, or Nintendo Switch. What a deal.

    • ♥ NO MORE SCRATCHES! -THIS IS WHAT WE ALL WANT. THIN, HARD & CLEAR: You’ll love your ballistic glass screen guard. These screen protectors act as invisible shields for your cell phone with their special nano coating.
    • They provide hard screen protection for any accessory and are invisible. They carry a 9H rating for surface hardness and are 600% harder than most regular protectors. Get ultra-clear protection and class with Nano Screen Protector

    • ♥ FULL SCRATCH & WATER PROTECTION: These water and scratch-resistant, armored screen covers are made from the highest quality materials on the market.
    • Nano Screen Protector are made with a solid, anti-scratch technology that doesn’t develop any bubbles during or after application. They are also bacteria-resistant! Exchange your old, flimsy phone protector for this amazing tech

    • ♥ EASY TO USE: Not only are these screen protectors tough but they’re also flexible and easy to apply to your phone. Just a few drops directly over your phone’s screen.
    • Our screen protector is compatible with most phone cases like the Otterbox and all popular cases. Our protector work on flat, curved or concave screens.

    • Material: Military nano liquid
    • Volume: 1ml
    • Endurance Life: >5000 Times

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